What makes ‘Custom Container Living’ the most trusted tiny house builder in Missouri?

What makes ‘Custom Container Living’ the most trusted tiny house builder in Missouri?

With its headquarters in Missouri, Custom Container Living has attained the status of the most trusted tiny house builder. The blend of numerous attributes and the objective of delighting the clients has helped the company in achieving this status.

Let’s go through all the characteristics of this custom container home builder in detail.

Multiple layouts for tiny homes
Being a specialist of tiny homes, the company offers an array of layouts for customers to choose from. Some popular layouts include the Empty Nester, the Corner Kitchen, the Professional, and the Bachelor, etc. These are popular among couples as well as families. Even the bachelors have enjoyed the features of these homes. There are also numerous plans that match the needs of weekend getaways.

Free delivery within 20 miles
The company does not incur any charges for delivering the containers within 200 miles of Archie, Missouri. This helps the customers living in Missouri to save a lot of money. After 200 miles, the delivery charges are 4.50 dollars per mile.

Durable structures
The company welds corrugated sheet steel panels to the main structure of the containers. This ensures that the container is stronger than regular wood structures. The containers, due to their durable nature, are able to resist various conditions like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Even snow and wind do not impact the containers.

Heating and cooling options in containers
The company deploys two air/heat units in a 40-foot container. One is placed in the main living area, whereas the other in the bedroom. The company also installs air/heat combination unit in a 20-foot cabin.

Effective insulation of containers
To ensure effective insulation, the company utilizes closed cell spray foam insulation in the ceiling and the walls of the cabins. This process also enhances the strength of the container.

Customization of the container cabin
Though the company offers numerous floor plans as per the different uses, the customers can also ask for a customized cabin. For this, the customers can provide the dimensions of the partitions, along with the choice of flooring, walls, roofs, and exterior walls. Even for the default floor plans, the company allows its customers to choose the window placement, the color of the walls, and stains, etc.

Turnkey solutions
The company designs containers which can be used instantly after their installation. The cabins are pre-wired and pre-plumbed to ensure that the customers can move in the same day.

Apart from possessing these attributes, the company continues to enhance its services with each project. Therefore, if you are seeking tiny home builders, you can trust Custom Container Living.

You can go through the company’s website to check all the available floor plans: http://customcontainerliving.com/.