We have begun to compile a collection of small expandable house plans

We have begun to compile a collection of small expandable house plans

For those who dream of building their own Container House, many plan books offer disappointment. Are the homes they present energy efficient? Can they be built small and expanded later? Will they fit on a plot with a price that fits the budget?

Before you select a plan, determine the orientation of your lot. Each of these plans have energy efficiency aspects designed for specific orientations. Orienting them in another direction could resulting reduced comfort and higher energy bills.

Enjoy the home of the future today in an energy-efficient home built of steel beams with concrete panel walls, a modern, innovative construction technique. The Solar essence even offers an expanse of south facing roof for solar panels.

An airy, open plan for each floor makes Solar Essence feel larger than the design’s original 900 square feet. The south-facing glass wall opens to a large porch on the first floor, and a covered second-floor balcony offers and enjoyable perch for watching the days begin and end. Expansion begins with a second-floor bedroom and can continue with addition of a master suite on the first floor. Plans for a carport offer additional utility.

Today’s homes could be built with expansion ideas inherent in the design. In other words, the home can grow with us as our need for space and finances both increase. Perhaps affordable should no longer refer to inexpensive, but rather what we can actually afford.

The flexibility of expandable houses make these house plans an outstanding choice for growing families. For many, the need for space and finances increase and the ability to finish new areas of a home offer the functionality necessary. Unfinished bonus areas can easily be converted into livable space, increasing the comfort and functionality of a home.

We have begun to compile a collection of small expandable house plans designed for those who have limited small budgets with which to start their projects. The idea is to provide flexible plans which include provisions for future expansion designed from the onset to be a functional aspect of the original layout. These plans include all structural provisions for adding on and building in stages without the usual disruption associated with renovations and additions.

The plane-parallel motion required to expand the chambers is performed by means of a circular movement, under the condition of parallelism. The circular Sentry Box is generated by a set of connecting rods fixed between the container and the expandable chamber. The condition of parallelism with the horizontal plane is ensured by hanging it on the crane, through gravity. From experience, we know that the condition of parallelism may be subject to deviation.

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