Using Blueprint in OpenDaylight- Tom Pantelis

Using Blueprint in OpenDaylight – Tom Pantelis, Brocade

Blueprint is an OSGi compendium spec for a dependency injection framework designed specifically for use in an OSGi container. Blueprint is an alternative and potential replacement of the config subsytem (CSS) that is currently used in ODL for wiring and dependency injection. While powerful, the CSS has yielded obstacles and challenges with respect to in-place upgrades and developer usability. Using/converting to Blueprint alleviates these issues. In this session speakers will talk about the basics of blueprint and how to effectively utilize it in ODL, including various extensions that have been developed for ODL that make it easier and provide equivalent behavior as provided by the CSS. In addition, speakers will talk about how to convert existing applications from CSS to blueprint.

About Tom Pantelis

Tom Pantelis is a Principal Software Engineer 2 at Brocade Communications. He has been an active participant in OpenDaylight community since April 2014. He has been an active contributor to the core OpenDaylight projects with main contributions to the clustered data store as well as an active committer on the controller and mdsal projects.
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