To compare the costs of modular home designs

To compare the costs of modular home designs

Many manufacturers are willing to help everyone design a plan that expresses their personal preferences. You may start with one of their standard plans or a design of your Container Houses – wheelchair accessible floor plans, luxury fixtures, and other factory-built features. Computer-aided design (CAD) has made it possible to prepare custom home floor plans quickly and accurately. As long as it can be built economically in their factory, most manufacturers will consider building it.

All manufacturers have an array of standard plans that are traditional in function and style. Many modular manufacturers supplement their standard offerings with more modern modular homes and designs that could pass for a contemporary architect’s creation. Many of them, in fact, have been created by architects, as that profession has begun to explore the possibilities of modular design. Manufacturers have learned to use wood and steel beams to open up floor plans, and they have borrowed from both classical and contemporary elevations to give their homes attractive exteriors. Steeply pitched roofs, vaulted and cathedral ceilings, reversed gables, and angle bay towers are just a few of the design elements that grace modular homes today. When complex house plans cannot be built completely at the factory, a few of the cutting-edge manufacturers build as much of the house as possible at the factory, with the rest to be completed on site by the GC.

With site-built construction, contractors do not really “build” a home, they assemble componants like we do. Site-builders purchase building components (i.e. roof trusses, studs, floor joist, OSB decking, windows, doors, cabinets, drywall, shingles, electrical wire, bath fixtures, floor coverings, etc.) from local building supply companies that ship these materials to the individual job sites for assembly. At each job site, the materials they use are exposed to weather, theft and vandalism as well as the site-built assembly process is extremely inefficient.

In contrast, our modular manufacturing partners purchase brand name materials direct from the suppliers in large quantities and assemble them in their production facility under controlled conditions, out of the weather. Using sophisticated cutting equipment, precision jigs and overhead cranes to assemble components, the craftsmen that build your home have the benefit of working under “ideal conditions” resulting in efficient and timely construction of your new home.

Manufacturers routinely customize a home’s interiors as well as exteriors according to a customer’s tastes. Skylights, central vacuum cleaners, whirlpool tubs, and bay and bow windows are just as common in modular homes as in site-built homes. Hardwood floors, solid-surface countertops, and cedar siding can be installed either at the factory or on site. After a home is set on the foundation, the GC can customize it with a porch, balcony, deck, sunroom, or garage. In short, Sentry Box can be every bit as luxurious as stick-built homes.

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