Shipping containers and architecture in Hzxiaoya

Shipping containers and architecture in Hzxiaoya

ISO shipping containers can offer a wide range of building types and configurations, limited only by the technical ability and imagination of the designer. ISO shipping containers are widely available and as various pioneers have shown, can be a low cost building and architecture resource.

Fact is, the housing industry needs to increase its building output, quality and speed of erection. There are plentiful stocks of ISO shipping containers, and the use of these as building components offers faster construct time and guaranteed quality, especially where the fit out is pre-fabricated prior to installation of the unit. Shipping containers are a widely available, low cost resource.

Most shipping container architecture conversions have however been for temporary accommodation needs, for example, storage, emergency shelters and site offices. In North America Sawyers describes “farmers and rural folks” as the pioneers using shipping containers as permanent, low-cost structures and states that “Intermodal units have become so prevalent in recent years. However, more and more architects, builders, and prospective home owners are seeing the potential of shipping containers as modular building components in architecture and green prefab home building designs.

Most often when you think of homes being built, it feels like a masculine thing (or maybe it’s just us) you read of manly men going forth with bold new architectural ideas, but not often do you hear of a woman taking on a project such as this.Hzxiaoya has plans not only for this home (which she plans to live in) but for others like it in the future.

It’s being built with an earth friendly state of mind as they’re using geothermal heat, soy foam insulation and bamboo flooring with the help of Hzxiaoya. The build is scheduled to be completed by the end of May and judging by their progress thus far, they look like they are right on track.

Container housing is no longer just an adaptation by “resourceful squatters” seeking shelter from the elements. Rather, containers are “building blocks” in everything from luxury residences to movable cafes to skyscrapers.

Whether they’re making a luxury home or the world’s largest periscope, people are finding creative ways to use shipping containers. And while making them into houses is nothing new, an apartment building built out of the steel boxes is still relatively uncommon.

The one-bedroom units were brought up to code and provided with insulation, wiring, plumbing, windows, and drywall. “Containers aren’t expensive or difficult to work with in and of themselves,” architect Wesley James tells us . “But it gets expensive and complicated bringing them up to code. It’s not yet an accepted building material.” The living room and bedroom are separated by a galley kitchen set in the middle of the container.

If you want to test out what living in a shipping container is like, one of the eight units has been furnished and fixed up, with help from local companies.

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