Shipping Container HOMES PLANS and MODULAR PREFAB Design Ideas | SHEARBOX 640

This video brings to you SHEARBOX 640. This is a Modern Shipping Container House designed using two, 40 foot Shipping Containers, to create a 640+ square foot House. This video covers a complete presentation of dimensioned floor plans; a cost-estimate checklist; and detailed drawings you can download for free to use on your own shipping container house project. Watch to the end of the video for the link to download the floor plans and a cost-estimate checklist; to guide you on your container house project. We post weekly videos on custom-designed shipping container houses, and design reviews of homes from around the world. Feel free to subscribe to our channel for our inspiring weekly videos on amazing design ideas. Shipping Container HOMES PLANS and MODULAR PREFAB Design Ideas | SHEARBOX 640.

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The house has the following salient features:
1. Entry Porch
2. Living Room/Lounge
3. Two Juliet Balconies
4. Deck Seating
5. Dining
6. Kitchen
7. Common Bathroom
8. Children’s Bedroom
9. Guest Bedroom
10. Master Bedroom Ensuite
11. Master Terrace

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    Ecobox160, the vented sections above the container roof. Is that just wasted space? Or can you utilise it?

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    Given me some brilliant ideas. Love the designs

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