New Concepts In Reusable Moving Boxes Saves Money For People On The Move

New Concepts In Reusable Moving Boxes Saves Money For People On The Move

Relocating one’s belongings is never an activity that people look forward to doing. Whether the move is to the other side of the state or the country, the packing and transport of books, clothes, furniture and everything else in between conjures up feelings of apprehension and anxiety. Using the right kind of moving boxes provides the key to getting rid of that unease right away.

The system is as simple as placing the containers into a first floor room and not in the way of traffic. Each box contains a sheet of paper and a pen. They are labeled for the different categories of items. Every time one walks past a container the corresponding item should be dropped into it and noted on the list. This is a painless, organized approach to packing.

What most people do is to start scavenging for cardboard containers in recycling bins and waste valuable time while doing so. Not counting the time it takes to locate the containers one should factor in about 7-8 hours of flattening, stacking and disposal of the boxes. That time could be better spent packing.

A time saving solution is to rent sturdy plastic containers designed for transporting purposes. Some companies charge on a daily basis of approximately twenty-five cents per container. Others offer the option of renting by the week. The individual who is moving can drive to a dealer and pick up the containers or have them delivered to their home. The box pickup will take place at the new home.

The plastic containers have interlocking hinged lids so that once packed the contents will not fall out. For the larger containers the rental company also rents flat dollies so that once stacked it is easy enough to roll the column of boxes to the waiting van or truck.

Many people might complain that plastic boxes are not Eco-friendly. When we consider that one plastic box can be used 400 times and the cardboard 3-4 times, one plastic box saves 400 cardboard boxes. That translates into a lot of saved trees.

Research also shows that about 41% of the landfill in the US consists of cardboard and paper of which a quarter of it gets recycled. The plastic containers used for moving all get recycled.

One recently established start-up company offers a packing franchise opportunity. They will help the franchisee with on site training and basically teach them how to follow their successful business blueprint. This company offers several container sizes as well as easy to handle wardrobe carriers to facilitate the Do It Yourself move. Clothing stays on the hangers and once transported is removed from the carrier and easily hung in the closet.

Reusable and recyclable moving boxes are the economical and practical answer to reducing moving day anxiety. They are stack able, save time, have sustainability and are the focus of a business opportunity for the interested entrepreneur. The rental paradigm is one that is trending in many industries and is an alternative option to purchasing items.

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