Modular manufactured home value

Modular manufactured home value

A building system is a highly engineered method of producing buildings or Modular Home building components in an efficient and cost effective manner. The use of building systems is common in many different types of residential, multifamily, and commercial construction. A modular home is the culmination of one type of building system. Modular homes are constructed in segments (called “modules”) in a climate-controlled factory by skilled craftsmen using precise machinery and methods. When these modules come together on your building site and the final finishing touches are completed by your local builder, those modules become a home for you and your family.

Topsider’s unique and efficient approach to home building is a high quality alternative to stick built and modular houses, and to other prefab homes and building systems, including log homes, geodesic dome homes, and other panelized homes and construction methods.

With more than 10,000 homes and home additions built throughout the world since 1968, Topsider Homes precision engineered prefab kit houses have stood the test of time. As hurricane home, they have preformed flawlessly through some of the worst storms in history and are equally well engineered for earthquakes in seismically active areas.

We provide our clients with home design, consulting engineering, and then prefabricate high-quality building components which are shipped to job sites throughout the world, Local builders or skilled do-it-yourselfers assemble and complete our houses and home additions. Our services include taking the technical lead for permitting and approvals, builder recruitment, logistical and project coordination – and technical assistance throughout.

A small, custom traditional home builder cannot compete with a modular home builder’s financial leverage because of the economy of scale that production in an efficient factory setting with skilled craftsmen and precise machinery allows. Modular manufactured home value is therefore as great as traditionally built homes.

Homes or modular room additions are transported to the site nearly complete, while the construction of a stick-built home is carried out at the site. For Mobile Toilet additions, modular construction has less invasive time to your daily life.

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