Modular construction reduces build time by over 40%

Modular construction reduces build time by over 40%

While most Container House manufactures have a portfolio of home plans, there are limitless design possibilities when planning your new modular home. Most architects and designers use computer-assisted design (CAD) programs to accurately sketch customizations into a floor plan. The modular industry takes CAD to another level; not only can your customizations be designed through computer software, the program will communicate your designs to the machinery in the manufacturing facility, ensuring your custom home design is built accurately and precisely.

The construction process of many modular homes allows for easier identification and filling of gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and exterior sheathing. Not only does this make many modular homes tighter, but allows for less air infiltration and advanced energy efficiency, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.

There are many factors that may make modular homes more cost-effective than site-built homes. Modular home producers are able to purchase materials in bulk and store those materials for a longer amount of time than most conventional builders. When material costs increase, so does the savings of bulk buying.

Modular homes also control home building costs after the modules leave their production facility. Weather delays, which cost both the home builder and buyer time and money, are reduced significantly. Also, there is less theft of building materials on a modular construction site; once the home is set on its foundation, it is more complete and secure.

Modular construction reduces build time by over 40%. Faster construction time using modular and manufactured homes can save you money and reduce some of the stress of building your new home. The faster your home is built, the sooner you can enjoy it.

Among the most popular benefits of modular construction is quick turnaround between groundbreaking and occupancy. Some owners are able to move into their homes just months after initial contact with their modular home builder. Many custom modular homes are built in just a fraction of the time comparable custom site-built home could be constructed. For home buyers who prefer to move into their new home sooner rather than later or who live in an area with a shorter building season and fickle weather, modular construction offers a timely solution.

Modular home builders can always be assured their home meets or exceeds all state building codes. All modular homes are inspected by an independent, third-party expandable house inspection agency before the home leaves the factory. Once a modular home is erected on-site, it is again inspected, this time by a local building inspector, to ensure that the new home is built with the quality and structural integrity required in you community.

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