Microwave Oven Can Alter Your Food Composition!

Microwave Oven Can Alter Your Food Composition!

Are you aware of the dangers of microwave heated foods? Most of us live in a mistaken belief that microwave oven is a blessing for busy people. With just a push of button, food gets heated within minutes. Well the advantages are many but let’s understand the flip side as well.

Have you ever wondered how microwave heats your food? Well, it is a rather destructive and brutal process! The food is bombarded with electromagnetic energy, which produces strong molecular vibration in the food. This happens because of the natural polarity of water molecules present in food. A friction is created and heat is produced. This heat warms up your food. At the same time, the very molecules that contribute to heating are split apart. This process causes a chemical change in your food that can pose health risks.

Lets discuss some possible dangers:

Top 4 Dangers Of Microwave Heated Foods

. Dangers of nutrition – microwave heated food lose their nutritional value because of the chemical changes taking place during molecular heating. Eating food prepared in a microwave oven can give rise to deficiencies in the long run. You think the food on your plate is nutritious, but alas, it’s just empty calories!
. Dangers of electromagnetic waves ‘ reduced electrochemical brain activity and microwave food are linked possibly. Studies have shown that strong radiation of microwave ovens can affect your nervous system on constant exposure to oven use. This could result in complications such as, back pain, headaches, change in patterns of brain wave, and a possible disorientation. If you’ve a history of neurological disorders, better avoid microwave ovens.
. Dangers of toxicity ‘ a lot depends on the container of food in which you heat them in microwave oven. It may influence the chemical composition of food. This holds particularly true for plastic covers. During microwave heating, toxins from container may leak into food and make it carcinogenic!
. Dangers of chemicals ‘ as mentioned earlier, a chemical change occurs during heating of food in a microwave oven. When you eat such food, the change is passed on to your body. Some studies have shown a decrease in hemoglobin, good cholesterol (HDL) levels, and reduced levels of WBC (White Blood Corpuscles). All these changes could invite health risks such as anemia, weakened immunity, and a much higher risk of heart disorders.

Other Dangers Of Microwave Heated Foods

The destruction of molecular structure of food may render it a poor taste. Besides, snacks prepared in microwave ovens are loaded with preservatives and calories. This may cause weight gain and render you vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other such complications.

Also, food is heated quickly in microwave, which may lead to burns in the mouth or tongue. This is really an issue that you need to watch out for when you are heating baby food in these ovens.

Now that you are more aware about the dangers of microwave heated food, it’s time to avoid microwave heated food and look for better and healthier alternatives such as electric grills, slow cookers, toaster ovens, and the like.

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