Get A Clue And Pass It On

Get A Clue And Pass It On

Latest Secret!

One of the greatest sayings of all times is ‘Success leaves clues.’

We could not agree more!

In case you may have missed them…we have great news.

Pass It On!

Simply put – this film is a modern day virtual tour into the minds
of today’s greatest leaders.

Sit back and learn fist hand what it takes to create a life of sustained
Abundance in the categories of –

Wealth, Inspiration, Success and Happiness.

That’s a big order, right?

This movie delivers!

From Government leaders, to sports icons, from inspirational
Powerhouses to Movie stars.

Each has followed a certain sequence of success that separates them
from the masses, and now they wish to share these same steps with you.

Hint: It all begins with – ACTION.

Pass It On with Free Movie Trailer

The groundbreaking inspirational film Pass It On features over 60 of the nation’s top leaders, who have joined forces to share the blueprint for success.

Pass It On, created by WISH Entertainment Inc., is an evolutionary success tool that teaches a proven success equation for achieving a life of Wealth, Inspiration, Success & Happiness.

The California State Assembly has already given a certificate of recognition to the producers for the film’s positive message. The creators of Pass It On has also received recognition from the Mayor of San Diego, Ca., the Governor of the state of Nevada, the Mayor of Salt Lake County, Ut., and the Mayor of Fairfield, Ca.

Pass It On features many celebrated authors such as Harry Paul, co-author of the best seller Fish!
Barbara De Angelis, author of How Did I get Here and Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul, Brian
Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement and The Art of Closing the Sale, and Gregory S. Reid
Author of Positive Impact.

This monumental film offers the opportunity of a lifetime to gain practical insights from a showcase of all-stars including legendary athletes Evander Holyfield and Lou Ferrigno, Olympian Ruben Gonzalez, Hollywood stars Blair Underwood, Elaine Hendrix, Mario Lopez, and Neil Patrick Harris, motivational giants Denis Waitley, Les Brown and Bill Walsh, syndicated radio personality Dennis Prager, former congressman Ed Foreman, teachers featured in The Secret John Assaraf and Michael Beckwith.

Besides the revolutionary inspirational film, we also have the Pass It On Action Guide, Journal, Coaching program, and a new publication called Personal Development Magazine which hit newsstands November 1, 2007.

More than a movie, Pass It On is a movement lead by the most dynamic, inspirational, and diverse assembly of legendary figures ever gathered to mentor the masses…. and share the WISH!

Visit to watch the trailer.

Money Isn’t everything….

Easy to say…Unless of course you don’t have any. Yet, even more important, one needs to value the capital one already has.

Rather than focus on what we are lacking, let’s do an experiment of expanding on the resources we currently possess.

We’ll call it – Cash is KING!

Get out an old jar and tape a picture of something simple that you desire.

(A diner out, massage, new outfit, etc…)

Every time you come home – drop in the change from your pocket or purse.

When you go to the store and save a few bucks on groceries from using your membership card, or your friend picks up the lunch tab, pop that amount in your goal container that you were planning to spend.

(After all – now, it’s new found Money)

Before you know it – the jar will be full, and that desire will be fulfilled.

Do this over and over, until it becomes habit – then by all means –

Get yourself a bigger jar!

Greg Reid, Greg Reid is a Well-Known Speaker and two-time #1 best-selling author of, “The Millionaire Mentor” and “Wake Up: Live the Life You Love” &