Five Small Home Plans Offered By Custom Container Living

Five Small Home Plans Offered By Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living is one of the most renowned tiny house builders in the Missouri region. The firm provides an array of layouts that can be used as tiny homes, getaways, dorm rooms and additional space for offices, to name a few.

The major small home plans offered by the firm are discussed below in a detailed manner.

Family Matters
Perfect for small families, this is a steel shipping container having 40 ft. length and 10 ft. height. On the kitchen ceiling, there is an LED light for effective illumination. The bedroom carries a 60″x88″ walk-in closet that comes with lower and upper shelf, along with a rod. There is a loft with a huge size for placing a king bed. The loft comprises of two wall mounted fluorescent lights. The kitchen comes equipped with dishwasher, built-in stainless steel microwave, stainless steel electric range and dishwasher.

The Corner Kitchen
This 20 ft. steel container structure comes with 9 ft. ceiling height. White cultured marble is utilized for vanity top in the bathroom. The size of the vanity in the bathroom is 24 inches, which can be stained or painted as per the customer’s choice. Formica used for countertop in the kitchen ensures durability. All the essential appliances like microwave, two burner cooktops, refrigerator and washer are placed in the kitchen area. This design comes with twin size bunk beds in the living room.

The bachelor
This design also features 20 ft. length, along with 32 inch front entry door. The ceiling with 9 feet height is prepared by using corrugated galvanized metal. For storage purposes, there is a 20 inch closet and open area under the bed. The kitchen possesses single compartment sink and all the essential appliances. There are three light bulbs placed in the bathroom area that complement the hardware.

The professional
This 20 ft. layout possesses two white vinyl windows, which are placed as per the location selected by the customer. A Romex wire is utilized for electric supply, whereas a half inch PEX pipe is used for plumbing. There are shelves under the steps to the loft, which consist of a rod and cubbies. There is also a storage area above dryer and washer.

The Empty Nester
The length of this steel shipping container is 40 ft., whereas the height of the ceiling is 8’10”. Though this layout comes with vinyl flooring, there are multiple options available for the customers to choose from. With pantry cabinets in the kitchen and closets in the bedroom, this design has enormous storage space.

Through these container house floor plans, several individuals were able to curtail the hassles associated with permanent housing like enormous prices, maintenance issues and excessive time taken for the development.

For reading about other layouts, visit the website: You can contact the firm by calling 816-885-1344.