Dangerous Trans Fats , Hidden In Processed Food You Eat Everyday

Dangerous Trans Fats , Hidden In Processed Food You Eat Everyday

We in America are most susceptible to the dangers of Trans fats as we are so very addicted to processed foods.This dangerous fat is present in the food that you and I eat everyday. It is hiding in the bag of crispy chips or those tempting chocolate cookies, or in your breakfast bowl of cereals and even in that sugar-free energy bar.This ingredient makes food delicious, cakes moist, chips crisp and cookies ever fresh. They are present in almost 40% of the food items that we buy from the super market surprisingly including some of the products that are labeled as ‘healthy’ or ‘low-fat’.

What Are Trans Fats And How Dangerous They Are

Trans fat is created as a byproduct when ordinary vegetable oil is processed into partially hydrogenated oil. This process of hydrogenation makes oil stays solid at room temperature thereby improving its shelf life. However, it converts the ‘safe to consume’ unsaturated fats into dangerous trans fats.

Trans fat increases bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin levels and it also reduces good HDL cholesterol. These disastrous effects of trans fat on cholesterol levels are what makes you more vulnerable to heart attack. Researchers have blamed Trans fat for almost 30,000 premature deaths in a year. According to them, these fats are the biggest food processing disaster in U.S. history. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid food containing Trans fat.

You might be wondering that if Trans fat is so bad for the human body, why food manufactures are still using it. The obvious reason is cost savings made by using cheap Trans fat in products. Another reason is to improve the shelf life of the products.

How You Can Escape From The Dangers Of Trans Fat

If you want to save yourself from the risk of heart attacks and want to reduce the risk of becoming obese, you need to get near zero intake of Trans fat. Following are some of the ways to avoid Trans fat:

. Switch to healthier oil such as olive oil.
. Avoid deep fried foods when eating out. Avoid eating French fries, fried fish or chicken and fried seafood as appetizers.
. Use Trans fat-free margarine. You can go for liquid variant of margarine instead of hard stick margarine.
. When you read the label on the product container, restrict yourself from foods that use partially hydrogenated oils. Higher the amount of such oils, the more Trans fat.

Trans fats are hidden in commonly found packaged food items and it is very difficult for you to avoid them. However, I would say that if there is one thing that you should never have in order to have healthy life, it is food containing Trans fat!

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