Container Gardening in Your Flower Garden

Container Gardening in Your Flower Garden

Container gardening is a great option for people working with little available garden space. Your big gardening plans do not have to be abandoned. With some soil, your favorite flowers or other plants, and a selection of containers, you can make yourself a very nice garden.

Container gardening is more than just a hobby for brightening up tight spaces. Gardening with containers allows you much more flexibility than traditional gardening. You can put your containers anywhere you wish. Of course people living in apartments like container gardens because they are often their only option.

Using containers for your plants allows you great flexibility in your flower choices. Plants that are picky about the soil they will live in can be catered to on a small scale instead of amending an entire area of ground. If you feel like putting a cactus next to plants that prefer a different kind of soil, it is no problem at all.

I’ve used just about any container you can think of for container gardening. My only limits are drainage and making sure that nothing dangerous was held within the container previously. You can often pick up containers for your garden at moving sales for almost nothing because people would rather buy them new than transport them.

Sometimes I like to grow my flowers in very non-traditional containers just for fun. They have never seemed to mind it at all. Give it a try for something different.

Because I have a lot of clay soil around my home, I don’t use the soil from the ground in my containers. I’ll usually use a good potting soil and then mix in some vermiculite and maybe some peat moss. What you decide to use is up to you. Remember that some flowers will need very specific types of soil though.

You can grow a lot more than flowers in your container garden. Small varieties of tomato plant have done well for me in five gallon buckets. Some people grow all sorts of veggies and fruits in container gardens. Use your imagination and make sure the container is big enough for the mature plant.

For areas not suited to traditional planting, container gardening can be a wonderful way to brighten things up. The shapes and sizes of containers are limitless. You can change the look of your landscape every day with some imagination and a garden planted in containers.

Michael Korstin enjoys to tend his flower garden and spend time with his family. Please visit to his website to read more about container gardening