Complete Guide to Shipping Container Homes

Complete Guide to Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes is a great way of using refurbished a container and converting it in a home; it not only makes the house look unique but reflects a nice architectural use on the property. Another added advantage of using shipping container homes is money; they’re really cheap as compared to wooden or cemented houses and thus gaining vast popularity all across the country. However, building a home out of a shipping container can be an equally challenging task. If you’re willing to buy or get a custom shipping container home, read on some important tips for you-

1)Browse one in person
Just going through an online catalogue might not be good enough if you’re a first timer; you must go out and explore different kinds of shipping container homes offered by the manufacturer. You must understand the kind of material being used in the construction, drainage and water systems, power back-up and if the container provides complete safety during extreme weather conditions and natural disasters like earthquakes, etc.

2) Abide by Building Regulations
Building a shipping container home is different from building a normal house; this is where you need to check with the governmental rules and regulations when building a shipping container home. Every country has different rules and you must abide by them before initiating the construction. Every country has different climate regulations, fire regulations, installations regulation, etc. And you might also need a permit before building a custom container home. So make sure you check everything before dreaming of an exquisite custom container living.

3) First or a second hand Shipping Container
Like buying a house directly from the realtor or from an individual, shipping container homes can also be purchased new or used. New shipping containers are also called as one-trip container. It means that these containers have been on the cargo once when they were delivered from manufacturer to the supplier. A new shipping container might be slightly costlier as compared to a used one; but they come with many advantages; one they’re not used thus don’t have any damage or flaws, secondly they can be custom made as per your requirement and design preferences. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase a used shipping container, make sure to know the use for which it was used earlier; long durations in cargo and in extreme weather conditions can take a toll on shipping container.

4) Work with Experienced builder
Storage container homes are somewhat new and have just started becoming popular. So, approaching the one having maximum years of experience and good repo in the market is a wiser decision, instead of being spontaneous and ending up in wasting your time, energy and money. A builder will take all your stress and worries of building a nice home with all sorts of conveniences. However, you need to trust your contractor before giving him the contract; a healthy association can help you extract maximum out of the builder and use his experience to you best.

Tip: Last but not the least, check with different flooring options that you can use to keep your home weatherproof while making it look stylish and modern as ever. Good Luck!

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