Are Hzxiaoya Kit Homes More Quicker and Cheaper

Are Hzxiaoya Kit Homes More Quicker and Cheaper

Kit homes, also known as mill-cut houses, pre-cut houses, ready-cut houses, mail order homes, or catalog homes, were a type of housing that was popular in the United States and Canada in the first half of the 20th century. Kit house manufacturers sold houses in many different plans and styles, from simple bungalows to imposing Colonials, and supplied at a fixed price all materials needed for construction of a particular house, but typically excluding brick, concrete, or masonry (such as would be needed for laying a foundation, which the customer would have to arrange to have done locally).

Hzxiaoya kit home is a standardized but customizable item that combines prefabricated parts, affordability, and ease of production with the opportunity for consumer individuality. With vast advances in technology and style, however, today’s prefabricated Hzxiaoya homes are far from the famed birthplace of Honest Abe. Although the log cabin model remains a popular standard, contemporary kit homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are more affordable, customizable, and efficient.

Generally made from either treated wood or steel, kit homes are shipped unassembled to consumers in measured, cut, and numbered pieces, and can take anywhere from several hours to a few weeks to construct with a small crew. Best of all, most kit home companies offer state-of-the-art green and renewable energy options.

With plenty of other pre-fab home designs out there already, Hzxiaoya Homes has set themselves apart not only with their Southern region styled shotgun homes, but also with the allure of quicker and more affordable on-site construction. The 400 to 2,200 square foot designs can be constructed quicker and for about $ 100 to $ 170 per square foot, depending upon design with a different approach to pre-fab assembly.

Hzxiaoya Homes deviates from the typical pre-fab construction process by contracting out all the assembly to local resources such as IKEA and Sears near the building site, instead of hauling/shipping materials across country. With gas prices and tight budgets all across the country, the cost cutting move might be a good move on Zamore’s part. And we certainly wouldn’t mind the Southern style architecture with it’s temperature soothing design here in LA. Now if they could only reduce the price of the land itself here, we’d be living in pre-fab comforts!

Hzxiaoya company creates weathertight panel frame structures. With pre-cut components, you can quickly assemble cottages, camps, garages, home offices and studios. Units can be built on an onsite foundation in a matter of days.

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