Amazing 20ft Shipping Container Home – The Pod-Tainer

Made from a 20ft Shipping Container, this tiny home is packed with brilliant design features. Special pods have been attached to the sides of the container to increase the available living space. If you’re thinking of building a container home, this is one you’ve got to see! Read more:

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20 thoughts on “Amazing 20ft Shipping Container Home – The Pod-Tainer

  • September 29, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    I imagine him fighting… I could not stay serious with that accent 😀

  • September 29, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    lavatory is obstructing the door entrance

  • September 29, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    wooden planks as base?

  • September 29, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    One of my favorite container homes. Does the owner have plans?

  • September 29, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    You could make so much by putting that space on Airbnb or similar!

  • September 29, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    i've watched about 10 episodes of this wonderful series so far, and this is by far the most beautiful, best designed project yet. just brilliant, world class attention to detail and aesthetics! fabulous! bravo to the designer and builders!

  • September 29, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    "smol and praictical"

  • September 30, 2017 at 12:04 am

    srry but I'm quite uncomfortable with his accent

  • September 30, 2017 at 12:21 am

    Maybe you could do a video dealing with planning permission laws concerning tiny or container houses cos it is very confusing.

  • September 30, 2017 at 12:40 am

    they are speaking to much!!

  • September 30, 2017 at 1:02 am

    Thank you again Bryce! Amazing use of space. And wow Twenty thousand U.S. Love to find out more information about this build!

  • September 30, 2017 at 1:52 am

    I would happily choose this over a studio apartment. Love it!! 😍

  • September 30, 2017 at 2:38 am

    How much would one of these cost?

  • September 30, 2017 at 3:01 am

    Hahaha Bryce

  • September 30, 2017 at 3:05 am

    Nice tiny space!

  • September 30, 2017 at 3:24 am

    The display area can be used as a bookshelf. Add clever lighting it will look stunning

  • September 30, 2017 at 4:04 am

    i wanted to see on how they actually built it like time lapse video will do 🙂 just subscribed on your channel 🙂

  • September 30, 2017 at 4:39 am

    Very good, made me think to make one ..

  • September 30, 2017 at 4:46 am

    Nice looks like 2 containers

  • September 30, 2017 at 5:03 am


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