A New Blueprint For Your Garden This Year

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Survival Containers for Prepared Families & Communities by Blueprint

Welcome. I am Victor Hernandez from Blueprint Survival.com. We have been providing innovative plumbing and mechanical products and services for over 3 decades. We specialize in design / build “containerized” solutions perfect for prepared families and communities.

Blueprint Survival Containers are mobile mechanical rooms designed to provide an abundance of health and comfort features. Features that will help ensure human dignity in potentially the toughest of times.

Please check our web site at blueprintsurvival.com. You will find our self-sustainable containers can provide ample production of electricity, drinking water, hot water, heating, cooling are just some of the features available.

Our containers utilize solar, geothermal and wind as primary sources of energy. Fossil fuel such as propane and diesel are designed for secondary consumption.

Some interesting points to consider when deciding to invest in your preparedness plan. Our containers have built-in

· satellite communications

· multimedia operation and maintenance support

· tools and spare replacement parts cabinet

· and even onboard FIRST AID STATION

It should also be noted, your container can be put to work right away… while still being in a state of preparedness.

In conclusion, your container can be customized to suit your specific parameters. Nearly indestructible Blueprint Containers are an invaluable asset to not just “bug-out” properties, but any property where people strategically would seek shelter.

Best regards and appreciation for your interest. Please feel free to call or text 206-245-0159 for more information.
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  • August 16, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    always great work. please do more Homemade stuff videos, eg. another video about compost and good mixed own soil would be nice to see!  special regards

  • August 16, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Glad to find this great resource.  I just ordered Phil's book from Amazon.ca

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